White Cat

Dear Madame Olivia:

My mother has a beautiful white cat named Alice.  She also has a neighbor, a never-married guy I’ll call Humbert, who lives a few doors down with his sister.  Humbert has fallen completely in love with Alice.  The thing is, Humbert comes calling to visit Alice!  He literally knocks on the door and asks if she’s home. My mother is a kindly soul and lets him in and he and Alice play on the living room floor.  Apparently he even talks about her at work, which we know because he showed us a picture the office cartoonist drew of Humbert with Alice on a park bench.   I find the whole thing spooky and creepy and have told my mother to send Humbert packing but Mother just smiles and says What’s the harm?  Who’s right, me or Mother?

Creeped Out Guy

Dear Creeped:

Madame Olivia is with Mother on this.  Humbert has a friend (and gets some time off from his sister) and Alice has an admirer.  Where’s the harm?  Unless a piece is missing from your narrative, like Humbert is a registered predator, does it not seem like everyone is happy?

Madame Olivia is interested in your outrage.  Sometime you must let her know more about your own relating habits, to say nothing of limning the outlines of your connection to mother.  And to Alice!  Who is, after all, Mummy’s pussycat, not to get too Oedipal here.  On a lighter note, maybe you just feel protective of everybody.   This is nice.  Nevertheless, no action is required on your part.  Let the lovefest continue.  Thank you for writing.

Madame Olivia

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